Weird Waves Of The World – Sea Lion Surfing

Surfing in the middle of a densely populated Sea Lion colony, welcome to Weird Waves Of The World Volume 20.

Professional Chilean surfers Cristian Merello and Ramon Navarro visit the main island of Archipielago Juan Fernandez, Robinson Crusoe Island. Ramon and Cristian find a fun little right hander out of the wind – the only issue, it’s right in the middle of a densely populated Sea Lion colony.

Like they say, where ever there is Sea Lions, there is sharks, not in this case – the guys dodge in and out whilst the Sea Lions play amongst them surfing waves. It’s all fun and games until Christian accidentally get tangled up with a Sea Lion, nearly getting bitten.

‘This is their habitat, and we are using their space’ Says Christian after the incident.

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This clip features in the South American Surf film ‘Expedicion Juan Fernandez’, a must watch eco-friendly documentary now playing on Garage.