Corona Director’s Diary: Dave Rastovich

 Proximity is in cinemas in Australia & NZ from May 12 for a limited time only!






Proximity - A film by Taylor Steele

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been working behind the scenes of Proximity with our pals at Corona to bring you Director’s Diary, an 8 part web series announcing the all star cast of the film featuring Taylor Steele. From punk rock tunes and oversized boards during the Momentum years to exotic travel locations and dreamy lineups in the Sipping Jetstream series. Director’s Diary has delivered an overdose of nostalgia from the last 20 years of surfing, through the lens of Taylor Steele. 


We’ve travelled to picturesque Micronesia with Kelly and John John, surfed the long leg burning lefts of Chile with Machado and Ando, charged the unforgiving slabs of Scotland with Dorian and Albee and wave danced with Steph Gilmore down in Mexico. Sadly, all good thing must come to an end, that’s a wrap for Director’s Diary – we’re signing off with the seamless lines of style king Dave Rastovich in Director’s Diary episode 8. Enjoy.


Proximity, coming May 2017


Photo: Nathan Myers