Helicopter Tow-In Surfing At Jaws

Helicopter Tow-In Surfing At Jaws


Jaws has showcased some of the heaviest moments in surfing history, we've seen jetskis get totalled by 50 footers, a windsurfer get crushed by a 5ft thick lip, some of the worst wipeouts to ever be witnessed and some of the biggest barrels to ever be made, records have been broken and dreams have been made.

We heard an old wives' tale that a surfer was once towed in at Jaws by a helicopter back in the day, and an old wives' it was up until now. The footage has arisen and we have our hands on it courtesy of our friends at Nuit De La Glisse, the French media house responsible for some of the best O.G action sports films and footage in history.


Their latest production 'Don't Crack Under Pressure' is was in Australian cinemas this year & is now available on Garage to watch in ANZ!




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