Director's Diary: Stephanie Gilmore

Corona Director's Diary: Stephanie Gilmore


Welcome back to Director's Diary, a Garage x Corona video series announcing the all star cast of Taylor Steele's latest film, Proximity. In this episode, we catch up with Taylor over a cold beer and discuss why Steph Gilmore is an obvious choice to join the elite team to star in Proximity.


Style, flow, grace and ease are four words that express Steph in and out of the water, she's a pleasure to watch. Pair Steph's flawlessness with the smooth flair of Dave Rastovich in perfect Mexican point breaks and you have sheer magic. Throw in the direction of Taylor Steele and you have one of the best video parts of our time.


"When he (Taylor) mentioned that i’d be going on a trip with Steph, i was like oohhh yep, i’m keen, i’m super dooper keen, let’s do it...To get to surf with you know, the most amazing female surfer on the planet, at the height of her powers, that’s pretty special" - Dave Rastovich


Over the last two decades, Taylor Steele's films have evolved from low-fi, surf porn chopped to nostalgic punk rock tunes in Momentum, Focus & Good Times to classic skits, scripts and progressive surfing in The Show, Loose Change & Campaign. In 2006, Taylor reinvented the wheel again with some of the best surf and travel films ever produced in the Sipping Jetstreams series. Now, the godfather of surf filmmaking is at it again with his biggest feature film yet, Proximity. 


Find out more about Taylor Steele’s newest film Proximity, and how you could score yourself a trip to Mexico, HERE.